Carmen Center

by hicks & figuri

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released January 8, 2016


all rights reserved



hicks & figuri France

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Track Name: Back in love
Back in love

i'm back in love
back for anything that's love girl
i'm back for good
i'm back for you

everytime i see your face girl
it's like the sun is in the place
oh darling laurence
i'm back in love
i'm back for anything you want me for
i'm back in love
back for anything
anything at all darling

ouh ouh ouh ouh ouh

everytime you're in my way
darling i know you're the one
Track Name: The storm
The storm

i would like to see the sun
shining on your face
through the lightning and in my heart
the storm

we never want to be alone
avoiding things at least
help me out show me what you're in
get lost

i kept the tears coming in your eyes
the wind is in the place
let it blow on a dusty love
Track Name: Dancing queen
Dancing queen

dancing queen i love
everytime you dance above
dancing queen i love your style
if only you and i

dancing queen the lights
just shine on you like a stellar night
dancing queen i love your style
oh if i could make you mine

everytime you run away
i know
dancing queen

just a bar
and it was just a glance
baby i thought i could take a chance

everytime you run away
i know
dancing queen
Track Name: MJ

waves of poeple
calling your name
you know that love lies
they're all insane
they're out of grounds
like living deads

bang goes drums
over the night
you don't know what they want
you don't know why

you're alone

you're alone
and thunder strikes above
the song goes on with or without you
there's nothing else to do
but sing another one
just another one

dance through the light
you're like love
you're so bright
you can do whatever you want
you can feel so sad
you can try so hard
you're alone
at the end you're alone
you're what they want
Track Name: Manifesto

together we were supposed to last
we used to play like an allstar cast
but then we fall on evil days
it's something they said
who will cover us
it's late
Track Name: Daisy

oh yeah

you will never be good
although you could
you will never be strong
all summer long

come with me

you can't hide from something you're not
daisy i wish you could rely on what you want
what you want is in your heart

we could go in the woods
we could make love
we could lay in the dark
we could make love

we could walk in the park
and watch at the stars
we could watch at the stars
we could make love
Track Name: Over the water
Over the water

come over the water
you can grab it with your hand girl
come on do it again
i want your love

yeah yeah
now it's better
like a wave between the skin
come on do it again
i want your love

baby i want your love

everytime you hold my hand girl
i can feel it in my heart
i can feel love
Track Name: beach divine
Beach divine

baby you priced your love too high
it's just too much for the ride
i know you're of a loveless kind
but you jazzed me up so fine

i think i wanna be your lover
help me out
foolish night

i don't know what is going on
everything sways along
beach divine
i can try
baby you jazzed me up so fine

beach divine
i can try
Track Name: Here comes the morning
Here comes the morning

here comes the morning
and i do wonder what we've done
here comes the morning
another girl another town

is this what we want
wake up and leave
waitress and lovers
trying to have some fun

here comes the morning

and i wonder what we've done
another girl another town

here comes the morning
Track Name: Sunlight

i never thought i could feel so bad
never want you to feel so bad
i never thought you could feel so wrong
never want you to feel so wrong

baby put on your clothes
and go away
back on the streets
and wait for the day

sunlight in my eyes

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